Postpartum Doula

We understand how welcoming your little one can turn your world upside down. It’s a big adjustment, and an extra set of hands is always welcomed.

We are experts in newborn care and postpartum recovery support. This means that we know all the best baby calming techniques and newborn sleep tricks. We can provide information on all things baby- umbilical cord care, safe sleep, infant feeding, and more. And, we can help you sort through all the postpartum things- like, which Depends are best, how much bleeding is normal, how long will the afterbirth cramps last, cesarean recovery, the first postpartum poop and much, much more.

Your postpartum doula can help stock your freezer with meals to get you through the first few weeks of new parenthood, or she’ll toss some laundry in and wash your dishes while you sneak a nap in. She can vacuum and fold your laundry while you focus on bonding with your baby. Or, she will happily rock your sweet baby to sleep while you grab a shower and a cup of hot coffee.

Bottom line is: we’re here for you. You’re transitioning into parenthood, and while this is incredibly exciting.. it’s also exhausting and overwhelming. If you need an unbiased ear to hear you while you process through your birth- we’ll absolutely be there for you. If you need someone to hold a baby so that you can pee alone, we feel you and we’ve got this. If you just need a minute to be- we’ll hold space for you to do that.

If Grandma is asking how she can best help you from afar, hiring a Postpartum Doula is a great gift!

Postpartum Doula | $25-$30/hourly

We offer daytime and overnight postpartum support.

* There is an additional fee for multiples.