Frequently Asked Questions

Are payment plans an option?
Yes, absolutely. We offer flexible payment plans for our Birth Doula packages. That typically looks like a $300 retainer upon contract signing, then the remaining balance can be paid however you prefer and is due by 36 weeks.

Does insurance pay for doulas?
Some will, but most won’t. Tricare does not cover doula care. We do have access to a biller that can submit for reimbursement on your behalf, after services are rendered. However, we can make no guarantee on the outcome from the insurance company. You can also pay with a FSA/HSA card through our billing system. Stir the pot and request that insurance companies provide this to birthing people.

Are all of the doulas at QCBC formally trained?
Of course! We hold ourselves to the highest standards. All of our doulas are formally trained through a reputable organization of their choosing. In addition to that, we require that all doulas that work with QCBC are up to date on the best practices and the latest research regarding pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and infant care.

So, who will my doula be?
We match you with a doula team. You have two brilliant minds working for you and a guarantee that one of them will be present at your birth. The two doulas on your team will do your prenatals together, one will attend your birth, and the one who attended your birth will see you for your postpartum visit. This split call team model guarantees continuity of care and ensures that you have a well-rested doula that is ready to fully support you. If you don’t feel like one doula on your team is a good fit for you, just email Crystal and she’ll choose a different doula to join your birth team.