Deb Bruin

Deb began supporting families as a doula in 2012 after the birth of her second child. She views birth as a social justice and human rights issue. She rocks the boat to bring attention to the disparities in maternity care, especially for People of Color and the LGBTQIA+ community. More than that, she strives to empower birthing people by giving them the tools and education necessary to advocate for themselves and to take an active role in their maternity care.

Deb holds dual certifications as a doula with Madriella and StillBirthday. She’s attended over 200 births as a doula and midwifery assistant and has served families with a wide variety of life and birth experiences.

She resides in Clarksville, TN with her husband, Ryan, four babies (Brenna, Dominic, Marlee, and Oliver), and two pups (Chevy and Indie). Deb has personally experienced hospital births with epidurals and water births at home. She has professional experience with a slew of different situations. Her areas of expertise are: VBACs, surrogacy and adoption, birth after trauma, and bereavement. She enjoys dabbling in holistic therapies, considers tacos a food group, and has a special love for wine.

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