Birth Doula

Queen City Birth Collective offers doula support through your pregnancy and birth that fits your needs and expectations. What matters most to you in pregnancy, birth and beyond, matters most to us.

We’re there to share in the moments of excitement and joy with you. During the moments of uncertainty, we’re there to reassure you and help you find options and answers that meet your needs. In the moments of overwhelming emotions, we’ll help you sort through those feelings to make you feel heard, empowered and secure. When things get intense during labor, we’ll help you recognize the normalcy of the process. We’ll provide comfort measures and relaxation techniques to help you cope throughout labor and birth. If the plans change during labor, we’ll validate you and help you understand your options so that you feel safe and empowered.

Your doula will be part of your birth team regardless of if you’re planning an unmedicated, medicated or cesarean birth.

Birth Doula | $800

  • No obligation, complimentary consult
  • 1-2 prenatal visits to discuss your birth plans, comfort measures and to get to know you
  • Assistance with your birth and postpartum plan
  • Access to our extensive lending library, resources and referrals
  • Continuous labor support
  • 1-2 hours of immediate postpartum support to assist with latching, settling in and making sure you’re comfortable.
  • 1 postpartum visit in your home
  • 1-2 lactation support visits, if needed
  • Support via phone/email through the fourth trimester

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