Exclusion: Why I’m Requesting a Content Retraction

In July of this year, content that I created was published in the 1st edition of The Badass Birthworker (A Magazine for Birth Workers).

Prior to today, October 22, 2019, I was unaware that exclusionary language is frequently used by the person who runs the magazine. After viewing a handful of their posts on social media, it was clear that this is not what I want associated with my name or my work. The language and thoughts shared on social media by them are not a reflection of who I am as a person or as a professional. The viewpoints and beliefs of this person do not align with my morals and values.

I have emailed to request a retraction of my content and voiced my concerns. I haven’t yet received a response. At this point, I would like to make it clear that I am not and will not be associating myself or my work with this magazine or its creator. I do not agree with the views of the creator of the magazine and wish to disassociate myself moving forward. I will no longer endorse this publication.

I welcome all families and provide inclusive, respectful, affirming support. I am sorry if anyone has viewed the mentioned content and in the process been exposed to harmful, exclusionary behavior.



1 Comment

  1. Well done, Deb!!!!!

    Thank you for refusing to condone exclusionary behavior. Expose it for what it is: hate.

    Keep shining your light on this!!


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