What should I wear during labor?

What should I labor in?

It’s such a common question. Most people don’t want to wear the hospital gown, especially if they have a professional birth photographer. Others don’t care and are happy to wear whatever is provided, or nothing at all.

We always recommend a shorter maxi style skirt, basketball shorts, or something similar. You want comfort and it also needs to be practical. You don’t want to wear something that you care about, because… birth goo.

You can pair any of those bottoms with a sports bra, nursing bra or swimsuit top – preferably one that clasps in the front. It’s easy to remove when you finally get to snuggle that sweet baby covered in birthday frosting. A robe is also a great option. You can just toss it on over a sports bra and boom, you’re all set.

Your care team (nurses and providers) will also need easy access to your belly, so they can monitor baby. If you aren’t interested in wearing your normal comfy clothing, but you don’t want to wear an ordinary hospital gown – they make really cute labor gowns, too.

Most birthing people will ditch all the clothes at some point. Everyone hates #allthethings during transition.

What did you labor in?

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