Second Night Syndrome

You’ve survived the first 24 hours as a new parent, and you feel like you’ve totally got this. The baby is sweet and snuggly, nursing is going mostly well and you actually got a good nap today.

Then, it’s baby’s second night.

Your baby has realized that he’s not going back to his warm and cozy womb-home. It’s bright, cold and he can no longer here the soothing sound of your organs functioning or your heart beating.

Tons of people are cooing at him and touching him. It’s overwhelming and scary. It’s an entirely different world than where he just spent his past 9 months gestating.

He wants to be near you, and each time he drifts off to sleep at the breast- you move him. He lets you know that he’s absolutely not okay with this by screeching, so you pop him back on.

He falls asleep. You unlatch. He screams. Repeat, forever.

Many, many parents feel like their baby is starving because their milk isn’t in quite yet. YOUR BABY IS NOT STARVING. Colostrum is plenty for baby at this point. However, your breast is the most safe and secure place they can find. It’s as close to home as they can be. They want to be near you, because you are safety.

So, how do you do you deal?

Well, you latch the baby and let him nurse to sleep. Once he’s sleeping soundly, unlatch him gently and position him in a comfortable snuggling position. He may root around for you because the breast is comforting. It’s okay to nurse your baby frequently right now. This is how they adjust to the outside world. This is normal. Skin to skin is your friend.

You may notice some upset and extra need for comfort any time something new happens- doctor visits, visiting Grandma’s house, grocery shopping.. extra snuggles and being at the breast usually fix all the problems.

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