Moaning- it’s your pelvic floor’s friend

If we’re experiencing discomfort or pain, our body tenses up.. you’ll feel your shoulders stiffen and your jaw is clenched. When you’re working to birth a baby, holding onto that tension won’t be helpful to you. During labor, we need to be as relaxed and open as possible.

Sometimes during labor, we’ll gently touch your forehead or your shoulders and remind you to release them and relax. We’ll remind you to unclench your hands and relax your jaw.

When you’re able to open your jaw and throat, your pelvic floor will release and relax. As you relax your pelvic floor, it will be easier for your baby to move down and work with your body.

Practice with me. We want nice and low moaning.

Deep breath in, slow cleansing exhale. On the way out, we want you to moan and release all the tension you feel in your body.

Did you feel your bottom relax? The low, guttural sounds will open your throat and the muscles will relax. When we see you bring your shoulders down and relax, we know that you’ve released the tension in your pelvic floor.

This is just a quick tip from our birth team. Was moaning or making other birth noises helpful you in labor?

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