How to Afford Your Doula

We are currently holding a gift-away for a free doula package. We will be drawing a winner on April 10th! We are so glad that we are able to offer this type of gift-away every once in a while; but for those families that want a doula present for their birth, but are worried about the financial investment, we wanted to give a few ideas on how to work a doula into your birth plan:

1. Giveaways. Some doulas like to give back to the communities they serve with a freebie every so often, watch for these and enter!

2. Use your HSA or FSA (Health Savings and Flex Spending Accounts). Doula services are commonly covered by these and we can provide you with the documentation needed to submit for possible approval. Check with the company providing these accounts beforehand to be sure doula services are an approved expense.

3. Insurance. Check with your insurance to see if doula services are a qualifying claim. If so we can provide you the necessary paperwork for possible reimbursement. Most recently some Aetna plans have recognized doula services as a medical necessity!

4. Payment Plans. We have always offered payment plans and options to our clients. Let us know what your financial concern is and we will work with you! Also, the earlier in pregnancy you find a doula, the longer you have to spread out payments!

5. Add us to your registry! Ask your friends and family to contribute to your doula fund as a part of your baby shower registry. We offer gift certificates and can take a wide variety of payments!

6. Barter. Do you have a skill, product or trade that could help us personally or professionally? If so, we may consider partial barter agreements (a part pay/part barter agreement).

7. The least popular option… Cut back. Instead of going out to eat, or buying Starbucks, put what you would’ve spent aside for having continuous birth support.

Bottom line is, we understand that for some, even though you’d really love to have a doula at your birth, the financial part can be a bit intimidating. Please let us know what financial concerns you have so we can work with you. We want all families to have the support, encouragement, education and information they deserve!

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