Motherhood can feel like the loneliest time of your life

This morning, I was scrolling through Facebook as I usually do. There was a post made by a sleep deprived mama and she was obviously struggling. Her baby wouldn’t sleep, he wouldn’t stop crying, he has reflux and won’t let her put him down without screaming. She was just looking for a piece of magical advice that would allow her to take a shower.

I read through the 125+ comments, hoping to see the magical solution she was looking for.

Of course, it wasn’t there.. Prop his bed up, baby probiotics, gripe water, eliminate dairy from your diet, feed him phoenix tears, dress him in onesies made from unicorn hair- all of the common things were listed in those comments.

And then, the Heavens opened up and I read something incredible:

“Can I come hold your baby while you shower and take a nap?”

Those words were everything. The simple gesture of offering to come over and just be there for her and her baby when she needed someone to help her.

Motherhood is hard. It’s so, so hard. You are in the trenches. This tiny person is entirely dependent on you to nourish them, comfort them, meet every need they have.. and in our society, you’re now expected to do all of that alone. This season can be so isolating and so many parents feel it.

It takes a village, but what do you do when you don’t have a village?

Ask for what you need. It’s okay to post in that moms group on Facebook. Other moms have been there. They felt the same way once upon a time. It gets better. Let us help. Let us snuggle a baby while you take the first shower you’ve had in three days, let us bring you coffee and lunch, let us tuck you into bed so you can rest while we fold some laundry and wash the dishes.

I promise that even though you’re feeling very isolated right now, you aren’t alone in this journey we call parenthood.



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