10 tips for labor

It’s no secret that labor is hard work. When you prepare for labor, you prepare for a marathon. You learn to pace yourself, you learn how to breathe through it when you feel like you can’t go anymore.I once had a client that asked me to remind her that she ran a marathon when she said she couldn’t keep going during labor, because you can do anything if you’ve finished a freakin’ marathon. And, guess what? SHE DID IT.

10 tips to help you get through labor:

1. Breathing in sync with your partner and/or doula

2. Humming through contractions

3. Having your partner and/or doula read affirmations to you

4. Listening to music that helps you relax

5. Find a visual focal point (your partner’s eyes, doula’s shirt, painting on the wall, etc.)

6. Rocking from side to side on your birth ball

7. Sitting backwards on the toilet or chair

8. Heating pack on your lower back

9. Standing in a warm shower; water stream aimed at your lower back or on your belly

10. Cool cloths on your forehead and face

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